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Our Tea Sommelier’s top 5 winter warmers


In celebration of Hot Tea Month and to help combat the dark and chilly days of winter, we asked our Tea Sommelier, Alicja, for her top five winter warmers from the Shanti Collection. From strong and spicy to sweet and soothing, each of Alicja’s picks promises to warm you up from the very first sip. Explore the list below and find out what makes each of these teas winter-worthy.

  1. Shanti Chai

    “I love the warming spices in this tea. The flavour and aroma are uplifting and warming from the inside out. I add frothed milk and some honey for that extra warming effect. I love having it in the winter in the morning or afternoon, whenever I need some extra coziness.”
  2. Remedy

    “Thyme tea has a special meaning to me. My mom would give it to me when I was little and unwell. Remedy has a true warming effect from thyme, elderflowers and elderberries without spiciness. I love it in the summer or in the winter, whenever I feel I am coming down with something. Now I give it to my kids, and they love the soothing effect it brings!”
  3. Wuyi Rock

    “It’s a unique tea and I reach for it on days when I want something different, surprising, invigorating and slightly smoky. It is great to cuddle up with a blanket and have this tea by a fire. Such a great winter tea.”
  4. Vata Balance

    “I am Vata dosha dominant (in Ayurveda) and my hands and feet tend to be cold, especially in winter. As Vata I also get stressed and overworked. This tea is perfect for warming me up and calming me down in the evening. I love sipping on it while listening to music on the sofa with a soft fleece blanket wrapped around me. It helps me sleep better and digest better too! It is a deliciously sweet tea.”
  5. Warm Apple Cider

    “This oolong-based blend is like a true apple cider which is a wonderful and warming winter treat. It is full of aroma, flavour and a touch of spice. Oolong is a great base because it is so complex and robust but not bitter and not grassy. It is a perfect cross between black and green tea. I like to enjoy this tea in a travel mug on long winter walks.”

What do you look for in a winter warmer?

Each January during Hot Tea Month we celebrate all things tea, including the rich culture and history, diverse types and health benefits. To kick off Hot Tea Month this year, we shared our Tea Sommelier’s top five teas from the Shanti collection. We hope you discovered something new from Alicja’s picks!