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Teas for allergy relief


Pollen is relentless and unapologetic.

The constant itching, sneezing, watering eyes and runny nose is not exactly how we envision celebrating the start of spring (or fall), but it’s often a reality, thanks to seasonal allergies.

For those afflicted, tea (mainly herbals) can help provide some relief. Since allergy symptoms are caused by your body’s inflammatory response (histamine release) to an allergen, we’ve curated a selection of teas with anti-inflammatory and/or histamine blocking properties.

Here’s our quick guide to teas and herbs for allergy relief:

Rooibos: Contains bioflavonoids called rutin and quercetin which block the release of histamine

Green Tea: Contains polyphenols (such as EGCG) which counter inflammation. Green tea is also high in quercetin, making it a natural anti-histamine.

Ginger: Is a natural anti-histamine and offers anti-inflammatory benefits from the compound gingerol

Turmeric: Derives anti-inflammatory compounds from curcumin and may also limit histamine release

Adaptogens: Help combat seasonal allergies by lowering stress levels and increasing the body’s immunity

Enjoy these teas and herbs before your symptoms strike, and regularly throughout allergy season.