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Dynamic duos: Shanti Tea + Camino chocolate pairings

Chocolate and tea pairings

Tea and chocolate. Exquisite and soothing on their own and downright magical when paired together…

Are we overhyping it? Impossible!

That’s why we’re so thrilled to offer a selection of organic, fair-trade Camino chocolate bars for you to enjoy with your Shanti tea.

Learn more about these delicious chocolates and discover a few of our favourite pairings.

Milk (38% cacao)

Smooth milk chocolate with a hint of creamy hazelnut.

  • Strong Assam – this full-bodied and rich black tea cuts through the sweetness of the milk chocolate
  • Vanilla Rooibos – the nuttiness of the red rooibos complements the hazelnut flavour
  • Royal Cream Earl Grey – the sweet cream flavours of the Royal Cream Earl Grey are a lovely match for the creamy milk chocolate

Almonds & sea salt chocolate (55% cacao)

Rich, creamy chocolate with whole roasted almonds and a hint of salt.

  • Kashmiri Chai – this chai derives sweetness from almonds and when paired with the chocolate, creates a bit of a sweet and salty pairing
  • Spicy Cacao – with malty black tea, chocolate and chili flakes, this pairing feels like a rich and toasty hot chocolate, with a little kick
  • Japanese Genmaicha – the toasted rice flavour of the tea really brings out similar flavours in the roasted almonds

Coconut milk (55% cacao)

Superbly combined coconut milk and coconut sugar with dark chocolate (vegan).

  • Coconut Chai – the creamy coconut flavours of this chai go well with the coconut milk chocolate, while the strong black tea base can stand up to its sweetness
  • Banana Bread – this pairing takes our most popular dessert tea to the next level – think coconut chocolate chip banana bread
  • Shizuoka Premium Matcha – with more subtle grassy notes, this matcha has a smooth creaminess that will pair well with the creamy coconut milk

Dark (55% cacao)

Rich and sophisticated dark chocolate that melts in your mouth with exquisite smoothness. 

  • Pu-erh – the slight bitterness of this rich dark chocolate is balanced by the ultra-smooth, earthy and rich Pu-erh
  • Honey Oolong – the natural, sweet honey flavour of this tea softens the dark chocolate beautifully
  • Peace – bergamot and lavender bring a sophisticated twist to the bold chocolate

Salted caramel crunch (55% cacao)

Smooth dark chocolate tastefully surprised by the sweet crunchy morsels of caramel with a touch of sea salt.

  • Caramel Latte – the caramel and coffee flavours of this tea are a perfect match for the salted caramel chocolate
  • Warm Apple Cider – this pairing results in wonderful caramel apple flavours
  • Japanese Genmaicha – the toasted rice and caramel flavours combine to create a buttery caramel corn experience

Orange (65% cacao)

The brightness of sun-ripened oranges in perfect harmony with the richness of dark chocolate.

  • Jasmine Dragon Pearls – the delicate jasmine flavour is enhanced by sweet orange
  • Orange Black – this robust black tea is blended with orange peel which will bring out the juicy orange flavours of the chocolate
  • Strong Earl Grey – orange chocolate pairs beautifully with the mix of citrus notes from the bergamot flavours of the tea

Raspberries (65% cacao)

The perfect combination of mouth-watering dark chocolate and naturally sweet, tangy raspberry morsels.

  • Lemon Ginger Sencha – tart lemon meets tart raspberries for a zippy pairing with a little heat from the ginger
  • Raspberry Earl Grey – the malty black tea base complements the dark chocolate while the sweet raspberry flavours play with the tart raspberry morsels
  • Keemun – in this contrasting pairing, the smooth black tea has subtle smoky notes and a jam-like fruity finish which is enhanced by the raspberries in the chocolate

Mint chocolate (67% cacao)

A combination of smooth dark chocolate and cool peppermint.

  • Mint Chocolate – similar flavours with a rich, black tea for a perfect pairing
  • Irish Cream – sweet and milky with notes of vanilla and chocolate, Irish Cream helps mint chocolate feel like a luxe cocktail
  • Wuyi Rock – this long-oxidized oolong has a chocolate flavour of its own, plus earthy notes that soften the peppermint

When it comes to tea and chocolate pairings, there are no hard and fast rules – only guidelines. To get started, try pairing similar flavours (e.g. a raspberry chocolate with a raspberry tea) or go for contrasting flavours (e.g. a raspberry chocolate with a smoky tea).

Have fun creating your own unique flavour experiences!