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Shizuoka Premium Matcha

An exceptional Matcha, smooth, creamy, slightly sweet with a hint of grassiness.

Shizuoka Premium Matcha

Sourced from the verdant hills of Shizuoka, a region renowned for its rich tea heritage, our Shizuoka Premium Matcha offers a sophisticated yet approachable alternative to both daily and ceremonial grades. This finely ground, vibrant green powder offers a velvety texture and a beautifully balanced flavor profile. Subtle grassy undertones and a refreshing hint of sweetness distinguishes our matcha from the more commonplace varieties.

Ideal for those seeking a step up from daily matcha without the formality of ceremonial grades, our Shizuoka Premium Matcha provides a perfect blend of luxury and practicality. It’s crafted to invigorate your mind and elevate your mood, offering a profound yet gentle energy boost. Unlike standard teas, our organic matcha releases its caffeine gradually, ensuring sustained energy throughout your day without any undesirable caffeine crash.


Organic green tea powder


Serving Size: 2.5g /cup
Steeping Temp: 78-80°C
Steeping Time: whisk utill frothy mins.
Origin: Japan
Caffeine: Medium
Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Premium powdered green tea
Aroma: Sweet and fresh, reminiscent of baked sweets
Infusion Aroma: Sweet, with a slight earthy hint
Infusion Color: Vibrant green
Infusion Strength: Medium


Straight Matcha: Put about 1/2 tsp of matcha powder into a small bowl. Fill bowl with just enough hot (75C) water to cover the powder, then use a whisk to break up the clumps and make a smooth mix. Add about 2/3 cup more hot water, and whisk until you get a nice froth on the surface of the water. Serve immediately. Best enjoyed with a sweet dessert.

Matcha Latte: Put about 1 tsp of matcha into a cup and fill with hot water up to 1/4 cup. Using a whisk, break up the clumps of tea powder until you get a smooth mix. Fill up the rest of the cup with steamed milk. Add sweeteners such as honey, agave nectar or sugar. Enjoy.

Another great way to enjoy the benefits of matcha is to add about 1 to 2 tsp to your morning protein or berry shakes. It blends really well and adds a great healthy boost of antioxidants. You may also explore the other uses of Matcha in drinks, cooking and desserts.

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