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Breakfast Tea: It Was Always English


In the days when England ruled the world, there was no reason to specify that something was or was not “English” – it was simply assumed that it was. Therefore the famous morning beverage that we know as English Breakfast Tea was merely called Breakfast Tea in England, the quintessential representation of British teatime culture.

Contrary to popular belief, however, English Breakfast Tea did not get its start in England, but rather in America, where as early as Colonial Times colonists referred to this slightly sweet, strong black liquid as a representation of the mother culture. Another myth cites its origination in New York City in the mid-19th century, when an enterprising tea merchant invented a prototype that quickly became popular.

This full-bodied black blend is representative of our Canada tea company’s ability to take an old classic and update it with delicious, lovingly sourced organic ingredients. Typically drunk with milk and sugar, this exotic blend of teas is traditionally imported from such mystical faraway places as Assam, Ceylon and Kenya (ours is from Ceylon). It calls to mind the might, majesty and imperialistic machinations of the old British Empire.

Though tea seems like an immutable force in the modern world – as though it must always have been a mainstay of life – this is not the case. There was a time, in fact, when tea drinking was as novel as the use of other such exotic substances as coffee, chocolate, or tobacco. Slowly, though, it gained acceptance, and the famous teahouses of London and other large cities began to spring up and popularize the newfangled drink even more. It wasn’t long before black tea was a run-of-the-mill breakfast beverage, as standard as coffee is today.

It was in the 17th and 18th centuries that tea drinking truly became standard in England, bringing with it the comfort of this ritual morning, noon and night. The famous tea shop Twining’s was established in 1706, putting down roots as one of the first places outside of Asia to be completely dedicated to the purveyance of this hot beverage.

Over the centuries the popularity of such establishments grew, followed by the institution of such ritual accompanying such as crumpets, clotted cream, lemon curd and scones. Along with the tea itself, the dishes on which it was served – china – were also imported from the East, and became necessary niceties. From there the culture evolved into one in which cafes increasingly incorporated tea services into their menus, and evolved into the drink we know it to be today.

English Breakfast Tea, however, maintains a special distinction as a global standard for what a piping hot morning mug ought to look, smell, taste and feel like. Although our fruity blend is perfectly delicious on its own, milk and sugar also complement it nicely owing to the strong flavors that balance them. Perfect for anyone who is trying to give up coffee, wants a kick from their morning tea, or simply loves good flavor, our powerful black blend will make the perfect cup for any breakfast, English or otherwise.