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Tea Care


We occasionally hear concerns regarding the shelf life of teas. Many of these concerns are resolved by proper tea care and proper infusion techniques. Here are some do’s and don’ts for tea storage to help keep your teas tasting fantastic for a long time:

  1. DO – Store your tea in an opaque container

  2. DON’T – Store your tea in a glass jar

  3. DO – Store your tea in a cool, dark cupboard

  4. DON’T – Store your tea in a cupboard over a heat or moisture source (sink, kettle, stove)

  5. DO – Store your tea in an airtight container

  6. DON’T – Store your tea in the fridge or freezer (condensation is likely to occur and spoil your teas!)

Follow these 6 simple rules when storing your tea. Find a nice place away from heat, light and moisture to help prolong the life of your teas. Tea should be good for up to two years if stored properly! Our organic teas are purchased in season and blended to order to ensure you have the freshest tasting teas possible.

One last one… DO – Check out our Teaware page to purchase some lovely storage tins smile