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Iced London Fog with Cold Froth


If you’re a fan of the London Fog, or Earl Grey tea latte, try this seasonal twist for spring and summer. It’s like an iced London Fog, but with cold froth/foam on top. Before you stir, the cold froth sits on top of the tea, looking a bit like clouds, while infusing your iced tea latte with creaminess. Here’s a quick recap of what we did to make this luxe iced London Fog:

  • Brew a strong/concentrated batch of your favourite Earl Grey tea, since you will be diluting the infusion with ice and the cold froth (try 1.5 tsp of tea per cup of water).
  • Our Strong Earl Grey is full strength and perfect for London Fogs, but for this drink, we chose Royal Cream Earl Grey because of its luxurious sweet cream flavour. Raspberry Earl Grey would also be an excellent choice for a fruity take on this creamy drink.
  • After your concentrated tea is brewed, sweeten to taste with vanilla syrup (or add some sugar and a tiny bit of vanilla extract) and set it aside to cool
  • Once your tea has cooled, begin making your cold froth by placing a splash (3-4 tbsp) of whipping cream in a small bowl or ramekin (18% or 10% cream will work as well but may not get quite as thick)
  • Lightly froth the cream with a handheld milk frother (a hand mixer or an electric whisk will also work, but you may need to increase the amount of cream to use these tools)
  • Froth the cream until it begins to thicken, but has not yet turned into whipped cream
  • Once the cream has reached the desired thickness, pour your tea into a glass with ice, top with your cold froth and enjoy!