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Two Tea Tins Gift Box

Two luxury loose leaf teas with tea accessories displayed in a gift box - a prefect gift for someone who enjoys tea!

Two Tea Tins Gift Box

Two luxury loose leaf teas in two beautiful tins, packed in a gift box with one silver strainer and a perfect teaspoon.

Sweet indulgences
Royal Cream Earl Grey + Strawberry White

    Royal Cream Earl Grey - A luxurious blend of black tea, bergamot and a rich sweet cream flavour.
    ingredients: Black tea*, cornflowers*, orange peel*, natural essences (*organic)
    Strawberry White - A light and seductively sweet white tea blend, fragrant, tart, fruity and altogether irresistible.
    ingredients: White tea*, rosehips*, hibiscus*, safflower*, natural essences (*organic)

Boutique Black
Darjeeling + Ancient Forest Black
    Darjeeling - An exquisite light bodied 2nd flush black tea from Darjeeling region, rich in muscatel flavor and aromas.
    Ancient Forest Black - Long black leaves with golden tips, full bodied, balanced infusion, high quality tea from Yunnan province.

Serenitea + Kamila Chamomile's Dream
    Serenitea - Beautifully fragrant, calming and soothing blend of herbs and flowers.
    ingredients: Elderberries*, rose petals*, passionflower*, skullcap*, lemon balm*, oatstraw*, natural essences (*organic)
    Kamila Chamomile's Dream - Truly sophisticated and soothing tea that will whisk you away on a surreal voyage through your dreams.
    ingredients: Chamomile*, cinnamon*, lavender*, natural essences (*organic)

Self Care
Vata Balance (Warming & Calming) + Peace
    Vata Balance ( Warming & Calming ) - Delicious calming and warming blend of chamomile, fragrant spices and Tulsi (a potent adaptogen). Floral and sweet with a light spicy finish.
    ingredients: Chamomile*, tulsi*, licorice*, fennel*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, ginger root* (*organic)
    Peace - A classic Earl Grey black tea with added lavender flowers, subtly fragrant and sophisticated.
    ingredients: Black tea* (Camelia Sinensis), lavender*, natural essences (*organic)

Feel Better Soon
Remedy Cold & Flu + Winter Warrior (ImmuniTea)
    Remedy - A perfect herbal tea to relieve an annoying cold and cough. Pleasantly warming, throat soothing and energy boosting.
    ingredients: Elderflowers*, thyme*, elderberries*, echinacea*, moringa* (*organic )
    Winter Warrior - An incredible blend of healing herbs and warming spices designed for Canadian winters.
    ingredients: Ginger root*, peppermint*, tulsi*, licorice root*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, hibiscus*, rosehips*, astragalus* (*organic)

Tea and Romance
White Rose + Red Chocolate
    White Rose - Harmonious combination of a delicate white tea and beautifully fragrant rose petals
    ingredients: White tea* (Camelia Sinensis), rose petals*, natural essences (*organic)
    Red Chocolate - Scrumptious blend of rooibos and cacao
    ingredients: Red rooibos*, cacao nibs*, calendula*, natural essences (*organic)


Organic tea (Camelia sinensis)


Serving Size: 2-3g /cup
Steeping Temp: 100°C
Steeping Time: 2-5 mins.
Origin: Various
Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Loose
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