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Milk Thistle Seed

Seeds of an organic Milk Thistle plant

Milk Thistle Seed

Milk Thistle seed is a powerful antioxidant. It helps fight the damaging effects of free radicals, decreasing or eliminating many age-related diseases. It stimulates basic liver function and rebuilds liver cells that have been damaged by illness, rich food, hepatitis, or alcohol consumption.
The seeds are rich in a substance called silymarin, which stimulated the liver cells to regenerate through a process known as protein synthesis. Milk thistle seed has remarkable properties to protect the liver against damaging chemicals. The most effective method to extract the active ingredients from the hard seeds of the milk thistle is to grind them in a coffee mill. The resulting powder is tasty and can be made into a tea, added to cereal and soups.


organic Milk Thistle Seed


Serving Size: 2.5g /cup
Steeping Temp: 100°C
Steeping Time: 3-5 mins.
Origin: USA
Caffeine: none
Certification: Organic
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